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About the project

Snow ReportBG is a free online platform with interactive and live information from the winter resorts in Bulgaria with an Android app and responsive website.

The goal is to inform the users for the conditions in the resorts by collecting information from different sources and presenting it in a user friendly and consistent way.
With the "Your Report" feature the users can share the weather conditions directly from the mountains.

Manol Chalakov
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Logo design:
Angel Angelov
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Terms of use

Snow ReportBG not responsible for any direct or indirect damages, including lost profits arising from your access and / or use of the mobile application and website Snow ReportBG.

All materials, content and data may be changed at any time.
Snow ReportBG not responsible for the maintenance of web cameras, each one of them belongs to the companies and organizations, writen in the application.Some webcams may be temporarily offline.

Information on prices of lift passes and conditions for them is taken from official websites of the ski resorts.
Information about the condition of the slopes, lifts and snow is fed by the winter resorts and Snow ReportBG can not guarantee for its authenticity.

Your Report

Snow ReportBG not responsible for inaccurate data published in the "Your Report".

By submitting a photo in Snow ReportBG, you agree to the following conditions:
- Snow ReportBG reserves the right to choose which photo to be published.
- Snow ReportBG has the right to publish your photo(s) and in the social media profiles of Snow ReportBG , and mobile applications..

Sources of information

The sources of information listed in the application and the website .Each camera contains a link to the source .

Snow ReportBG is not related to the listed sites, companies and organizations.

Sources of information are stated below each element using external sources and on each web cam with a dofollow link to the source.
Snow ReportBG is not related to the listed sites, companies and organizations. does NOT use scripts for refreshing the live feeds every second. The feed is cached on our server and delived to users on set time. The owners of the cams and their links are on each camera feed with a dofollow link.


February 2023:

  • Resort: Tabs remember the last position
  • Resort: Slider remember the last position
  • Home: Slider remember the last position
  • Camera slider: Refresh camera image button
  • Design: Improved design for the table data views
  • API: Added date to the forecast data

January 2023:

  • PWA: Set favorite resort that will load on launch. (Menu > Settings)
  • PWA: Set default language that will load on launch. (Menu > Settings)
  • PWA: New loading animation
  • PWA: App home screen shortcuts for each resort. (Windows, Android)
  • Camera slider: Arrows always visible
  • Camera slider: Chromecast support on some webcams
  • Design: Unified navbar
  • Home screen: New unified top 4 resort grid with lift,slope,forecast,last snow and avalanche info
  • Design: New simplified look for "Your Report" form
  • Design: New simplified look for PWA start screen
  • Design: Mobile UI optimizations
  • Design: Improved dark theme
  • Feature: Automatic light/dark theme based on system OS setting
  • Design: New improved modal for the slope/lift resort map
  • Forecast: Last snowfall in the resort with centimetres and days
  • Forecast: Improved 6 day snow forecast with better scrolling, translated in Bulgarian, new icons
  • Removed resorts: Beklemeto, Uzana, Koprivki